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The Great Ouse 

Hartford Church to Huntingdon Bridge


Approaching the Huntingdom Kyaking club boathouse


Hartford is a village ajoining Huntingdon on the B1514 to St Ives. With shop, pubs and neaby marina with restaurant.


Georgian warehouses stand testament to the tade along the river particularly since the

The Riverside Park may be accessed from Huntingdon using this reasonably priced Long stay park. If approacirg from the ring road road only, there is road side parking  on the last road on the left as you approach towards this junction.


Site of Huntingdon castle a Mott and Bailey design. Adjacent to the A14

Monument in Castle park commemerating...

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A Plaque below the foot-bridge on the Huntingdon side indicates the Flood levels in March 1947, followng a severe winter and unusually high tides, dispite being 50miles inland. It is currently quite inaccessible.

Crossing the road near the bridge allows us to continue into Huntingdon Town centre or across into Castle Park. The site off Huntingdon Castle.

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