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The Suitability for various physical abilities are noted on the website.













Under review

Suitable for most motorised wheelchairs, hard surfaces, no gates, minimal slopes.                                                                   -

Suitable for accompanied wheelchair occupants, may be gates, mostly hard surfaces, some slopes may need care.

Suitable for pushchairs with care.(occasional steps and gates, steeper slopes, soft ground after rain).                                           -

Average fitness, (may be steps, styles or uneven soft ground, thorn trees and nettles may be expected. Consider good footwear.

Some strenuous  parts , strong shoes recommended.


May be unsuitable for small children, eg. steep steps, crossing streams.                                                                                -

Challenging aspects or specific hazzards present or reported. May be removed from site after review.                                          -

All walks are classified as a guide for ease of access. Safety must be reassessed as you go along and not inferred from the grade. The condition of paths and surrounding areas may change at any time. These grades only apply during periods of good weather, and do not take into account atributes concerning vision, balance or mental ability.

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